Joanna Biernacka

I have been working in the travel industry since a few years. I love to travel and meet people with real passion. Passion not only for traveling but for life and for other people.

When I met Anuj, owner of Travel Xpress- he had all of the above mentioned things.

He knows how to wonderfully manage big and small groups with all (even super strange)types of ideas. He knows what to do in order to make the tourists happy. Finally he showed India to me in such a way that from the very first day I fell in love with this beautiful country.

Traveling is not just only about places, but also about the people you get to meet and know. For me, Travel Xpress with Anuj Khanna as the Head is the perfect choice!

Go and explore India with the best people!

Malgorzata Pioro, Poland

My dream always was to visit India and encounter its culture. I tried to save those priceless moments in the pictures full of my personal experiences. Today I want to show you India from my perspective. The most amazing thing was to meet people from a completely different culture. It was priceless experience that deeply moved my heart.

I also remember an amazing evening when I went out with Rafał (he was a member of our photo tour as well) to get some water but we ended up on the Indian wedding. We were given a chance to see the wedding customs, beautiful outfits, dances and music. We also could taste so much delicious food there. Suddenly we felt as if that was a Bollywood movie.

On our photo-trip we had the best tour guide in India. He had great storytelling skills. He took us to so many intriguing places full of Indian traditions, history and food. One night he even took us to an Indian disco and let us enjoy the night walk through the streets of Delhi.

During our photo trip in India, we were accompanied by the fog. You can rarely see it in this part of the world. It turned the ordinary places into something unusual so we could take a lot of unforgettable photographs.

Dominik Tomczyk, Poland

I wanted to visit India for a long time. There were many reasons why I chose India. Firstly, because I wanted to learn about the Indian culture. It also seemed to be a great place to take amazing photos.

I finally decided to visit India for a trip with a group of people in December 2016.

Since I’m keen on photography, I take pictures not only with a DSLR camera. I also took to India my old Zeiss Ion Nettar 517/16 camera and 10 rolls of 120mm film. I had a goal: to use up one roll of film a day. That makes 12 photos every day.

I do not know why but I earlier associated India with dirt. I spoke to many people about India and they all had strange stereotypes in their heads. After a trip, I cannot confirm any of these stereotypes. I didn’t see any dirt in there and I saw not only the tourist routes which could be cleaned up on purpose. I was also a bit worried about food in India. I know that spicy food is not good for my body. It turned out that the hotels we stayed in had something for me: food with no spices!

Everyone has their preferences while travelling. I went to India to meet local people! I just wanted to take photos of them and experience as many wonderful moments as possible. People became the biggest photographic theme for me on this trip. I met so many people and it still resonates somewhere in me. I especially remember one group – homeless people! It was very touching to see a homeless family that was heating up by the fire in the park. What do you do then? I sat down with them. I also warmed my hands, showed them my camera, laughed with them and bought them some tea. What was special about these people was their joy, sincerity and freedom. They seemed to have less problems than us. I still remind myself about their freedom and inner joy. It gives me a reason to think about myself, my life and the goals that I have.

The route was planned very well. We were not in a hurry. Everyone had enough time for themselves. In some places we could time spend as we wanted. There was no tension due to such flexibility. I think travelling is not about seeing a country from a bus window. It’s about experiencing its everyday life. India is a huge country so it’s impossible to see everything just in one trip. This time we focused on Rajasthan. We visited Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Chittaurgarh, Fatehpur Sikri and Udaipur.

Our Indian tour guide was also great. My overall experience was more than excellent.

I’m thinking about another trip now. Where? It all depends on my finances and free time. There are still so many countries to visit!